Moving Again.

Thank you to the few who checked, but this sale is now closed. Sorry I didn't have a chance to edit and let you know. Completely forgot about it honestly. International moves are nerve wracking and busy.  Thanks again and happy trails.

Hey all.  Have tons of Gackt stuff [Platinum Boxes, photo books, etc.] left that needs to go before I move yet again.  Feel free to have a look and if you have any questions, drop a line. Way too many pics to post here, so click the link.  Thanks!

Tickets for GACKT's Moon Saga 2 - GREAT BARGAIN !

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Hi everybody ~\(^o^)/~

I have 2 "Moon Saga 2" Tickets to sell for Osaka shows because I can't go myself, unfortunately :(

Details are as following :
23th of september, ( tuesday ) first floor, ROW 4 ( 13:00 start ) 1 seat
26th of september, ( friday ) first floor, ROW 2 ( 18:30 start ) 1 seat

EDIT : ticket for 26th show is sold !

Original price was 18000 JPY each ( 130 € ) price is 14000 JPY each ( 100 € )

If you're interested, please send me a pm or write a comment in this post ! ;D

Thank you very much in advance ^.~


  • Shipping from the Netherlands

  • Prices are in Euro and don’t include shipping or Paypal fees

  • Prices are negotiable. Feel free to drop me a line if you’d like to make an offer

  • For any inquiries, please message me here or through email (shikyofaith at gmail dot com)

MOON CHILD photobook (with HYDE)
Slip-on cover has some wear and tear. Book is in almost new condition.
Example images 1 | 2 | 3

For Dears ~Feter nos retrouvailles~ photobook
Slip-on cover has some wear and tear. A few pages in the beginning have come loose.
Example images 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

Fan (sold during the Yellow Fried Chickenz EU tour)

Case shows signs of wear. DVD is in new condition. Japanese audio with English subtitles. Region 1.


Hello everyone!

Sadly I stopped a long time ago to be interested in Gackts music. So I want to sell some things of my collection to someone who is seriously still a fan of Gackt and will cherish those things how I did it in the past! :)

It's not much but maybe someone of you is interested! Of course all of them are used but they are still in good condition. Just some scatches on the cases maybe!

I'm from Germany but I have no problem to sell the things international. I only accept Paypal for paying!!

The prices are in Euro / € !

Note: The prices are NEGOTIABLE and do NOT include shipping fee. Please just contact me if you have some other prices in your mind !!! (Contact via comment, PM or email ( ) )

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I bought it new for around 150 € but I would take 80 € because my mother didn't treat it as well as I did while our movement.

IMG_4143 (1)

Platinum Box -VII-

It includes the DVD, the poster and the puzzle! - 30 €

IMG_4141 (1)
IMG_4142 (1)

Journey through the Decade / The Next Decade

Both are Japan Press and CD+DVD version. Each for 10 €.

IMG_4144 (1)
IMG_4145 (1)

shiro in a Gackt hat

Requiem et Reminiscence II Tour goods on Ebay

Hi fellow Gackt fans, I'm moving to a smaller house and I need to downsize my collection.
The tour goods are in brand new condition and going for a steal so please take a look and treat yourselves, all these items need good homes.
Also my old G calendars on here going back to 2005! All in great condition.

Happy shopping! :)


Each Poster SOLD


Shipping costs:
Worldwide 5€ (1-2)
Germany 3€ (1-2 Poster)

Condition: New
Shipping: From Germany to Worldwide via registered mail
Payment: Papal

If you are interested, send me a message.