katrin_nekochan (katrin_nekochan) wrote in dears,

GACKT goods on sale with reduced prices ♥ ;)


Hello dears :) to celebrate GACKTs visualive tour announcement i have reduced prices from today till 31 September, please take a look ^_^

You also can order together with friends to save shipping costs ;) you only pay real shipping costs ^.^

have fun looking at my goods ^_^

I ship from Germany, for light things till 500g
shipping international with tracking code as registered mail is usally 5,60 euro

Payment has to be paypal if you are not from Germany.

Please let me know if you have any questions, suggestions or want to know prices in your courrency.

You can write me an email:



remember if you get over 40 Euro ( without shipping costs) you will get a postcard from japan when i visit GACKTs visualive tour :)
(promise to post many many pictures xD)

i think i will fly in april or june/july :)

Please share share with your friends my dears ♥ *hugs you*

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