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*edit 03.01.2015*

- New stuff

- most of the Moon Saga post cards are already sold, also some other goods,
so i cleaned it :)

I also did sorted it after prices.


i will add many moon saga post cards, a vocaloid keychain and mabye some of the akumuchan movie, i first have to find
out what the differents are between the different versions xD



Some things are already sold, so i did edit it :)
Let me know when you are interested ;)

dear greetings Katrin


Hello Dears :)

i got a week ago got some big GACKT collections ♥

Thats why i have many things doubled and search for new homes for thoose lovely goods:) i have not enough place
to keep them all xD and shipping was really expensive Q.Q Ands christmas is near damnit XD

Shipping woud be from Germany, please let me know when you are interested in something :)

If you are not from Germany you will need Paypal and if you are from outside of japan i have to add the paypal receving fee.
You have to send in Euro, its really simple on Paypal :)

I have not yet for all Goods prices, so feel free to ask me for prices or make me a good offer ;)

I will add all things i sell as fast as i can :)

Have fun going through the goods ^__^

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