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27th-Dec-2013 12:50 am - [SELLING] Photobooks + magazines
Mostly Fools Mate and Arena 37 with Gackt in the front cover and a couple of photobooks

I don't live at home anymore so these books are just sitting on my shelf...  I'd really like to get rid of them so I'll accept any reasonable offers.

Hi all,

If anyone's interested, I'm still accepting orders for Gackt's Camui concert goods here (deadline 11th Dec 2013)

We're also helping people get tickets to his concert here and if you are looking for any limited/out of print CD/DVD/Photobooks/concert goods, we can help to source them here

My feedback post can be found here

Please feel free to ask if you have any questions, thanks!
Hi all

If anyone's interested I'm accepting orders for Gackt's Camui G concert goods here. The deadline for accepting orders will be 11th Dec 2013.

My feedback post can be found here.

Also, if anyone's interested, we're also helping people get ticketshere!

Please let us know if you have any other questions, thanks!
30th-Nov-2013 10:42 am - Selling my Secret Garden single
Hello everyone!

I'm selling my Secret Garden single under the cut. I purchased it new when I was living in Japan. It's in excellent condition, only opened once. I also have some Malice Mizer items available at my sales journal here: firetigersales.


Secret Garden Single this way!Collapse )
6th-Nov-2013 09:02 am - Icons.
(11) Gackt

 photo gackt274_zpsb1f000c9.png  photo gackt264_zpsa89dcfbe.png

You can find the Icons here
4th-Nov-2013 01:19 pm - Lots of Old Gackt Items For Sale
I have lots of older out of print magazines and photobooks for sale. Mostly Gackt but there are some others. All items have shipping included in them. I'm willing to make deals to people that want to buy multiple videos/magazines/books. Serious shoppers only please, I'm not looking to put long holds on anything. These are taking up space in a room I'm trying to renovate and I need them out.

List of Items hereCollapse )

There are multiple pictures of each item. I take very good care of all of my items, they come from a smoke free and 99% pet free environment. (As in I have a pet in another room and these stayed sealed in a plastic underbed container in a room where pet has never been allowed.)

Please comment here for items you are interested in, or I can also be reached at my email chachamaru@gmail.com
29th-Oct-2013 12:45 am - Camui Gakuen ticket for sale
Gackt - Nemuri
I have one Camui Gakuen ticket for sale for Osaka, Sunday November 24th.

Price is face value (7,800yen) plus PayPal fees.

If you're interested, please comment or PM me.

Thank you!
6th-Oct-2013 04:09 pm - Selling all of my Gackt/MM items!
Hello all, I'm selling the rest of my Gackt/Malice Mizer items. Everything is on my selling journal, which is located firetigersales <- here, but I included all of the items in this post, just in case you'd rather look at them here.

Info is under the cut!

I'm selling my entire collection. Everything must go, so feel free to make an offer.

If you'd like to buy everything in this post for $200 (not including shipping), send me a PM.

InformationCollapse )

CDs/DVDsCollapse )

Giant Wall Calendar ($25)Collapse )
1st-Oct-2013 03:14 pm - GACKT Official HP RSS feeds?
I'm trying to find a RSS feed for GACKT's official homepage.
I would especially be interested in an RSS feed of the news section.
I've tried adding the URL for both the news section and homepage to my RSS reader but none can be found.
7th-Sep-2013 01:37 pm - SALES POST: GACKT GOODS
Hello Dears

My friend is selling a wide variety of GACKT related items such as Trading cards, Tour goods, DVDs and Singles.
Attractive giveaways on first come first serve basis when you purchase one item.
Do check out this page: http://sumicco.storenvy.com/

Feel free to PM me if you have any query.
Thank You. 
9th-Sep-2013 07:35 am - Icons.
(17) Gackt

 photo gackt95_zps4fb2b65d.png  photo gackt101_zps272a6bd0.png

20th-Sep-2013 06:32 pm - YOHIO AND GACKT SHOW TICKETS

Hello! As many of you probably know, Gackt is going to appear on a concert of YOHIO in Stockholm on 5th October.
I have purchased tickets for this show but unfortunately will not be able to go.
Is there anyone who would like to go and needs two tickets, or at least one?

It is quite a bother to buy them, because the website only accepts swedish cards, so maybe it would even be helpful if you can get them from me!

Please comment or send a pm :) or both.

22nd-Sep-2013 02:09 pm - Rare Gackt Collection Sale
Hi Dears!

I'm a long time Gackt fan who needs to sell some of her collection. I have some rare items that I would love to send to a good home. I am open to any and all offers on the following items:

-1999-2009 Gacktionary Book
-Gackt Original MARS Album CD with insert booklet
-Gackt Metamorphoze Single CD + DVD
-Gackt Black Stone Single CD
-Gackt Diabolos Album CD with insert booklet
-Gackt The Seventh Night Album CD with insert booklet
-Gackt Vanilla Video VHS with original sticker insert
-Gackt Redemption CD + DVD
-Gackt Love Letter Album CD
-Gackt Rebirth Album CD
-Gackt Crescent CD with insert booklet
-Gackt's first platinum box VHS
-Gackt DVD from when he was filming Uesugi Kenshin
-Gackt The Greatest Filmography 1999-2006 (I have Both the RED DVD and the BLUE DVD)

All of these items are in very good condition and 100% authentic, not those cheap knock offs that you can sometimes come across. I'm located in the U.S. but can ship globally if that's what you want. Post a comment here or send me a message if you're interested! Like I said, any and all offers will be considered, this is a great opportunity to add some older Gackt items to your collection!

Camui Gakuen ~Snow Festival~
Ohai everybody ! :)
I've updated my blog with more than 30 beautifull HQ scans of the super limited photobook of Moon Saga, that were only available as a pre-orders. He's now totally sold-out, just like the DVD of the theater play, wish is sad. But don't worry, I've scanned more than 3/4 of the photobook, and more than that, I've even cut and compiled some great scenes of my DVD of Moon Saga and uploaded it so you can watch it ! :)
So if you ever want to see all these great stuff, as usual, click on the thumbnail ... and don't faint ! :P

Hello ^^
I'm sellin 5 pages from Gackt 2012 calendar.
Price 8 USD for all
Price doesnt include shipping. I ship worldwide

See photo bellowCollapse )
28th-Aug-2013 05:14 pm - DS! Gackt 2012 calendar pages
Hello ^^
I'm sellin 5 pages from Gackt 2012 calendar.
Price 11 USD for all
Price doesnt include shipping. I ship worldwide
I can do discount for shipping

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17th-Aug-2013 06:47 pm - Selling Gackt Photobooks
Like new condition, all books include original covers/posters. Rare items!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

3rd-Aug-2013 02:29 pm - Selling all of my Gackt items
Hello all! I'm selling all of my Gackt items. They can all be found on my selling journal here: firetigersales

Here's a list of all the Gackt-related items I'm selling there:

Gackt - Secret Garden box single
Gackt - Mizerable (single box - Mini CD + VHS)
Gackt 2005 Wall Calendar

I also have a ton of Malice Mizer items for sale there as well.

Thank you!

Hello, I’m clearing most of my stuff and these are a few items from my Gackt collection. This is the first time I’m selling any Gackt merchandise (and probably the only time ^^;) so I’m not sure what would be considered the “market price” here. Please feel free to request for lower prices. I’m more than willing to give discounts especially if you buy more than one. I really need the money and space so let’s work something out, yeah?

Prices listed are in Singapore dollars. I’m located in Singapore but I ship internationally as long as you are willing to pay for the postage. PayPal is very much preferred if you’re an international buyer.

Please comment below or send me a private message if anything at all interests you or if you want clearer pictures of individual items (I know how awesome my photography skills are as you can tell).

Thank you so very much!! ^w^

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22nd-Jul-2013 08:43 am - Icons.
(17) Gackt

 photo gackt65_zps5aafe902.png  photo gackt60_zps2e0c149a.png  photo gackt59_zps77e94192.png

16th-Jul-2013 09:25 am - BEST OF THE BEST wallpapers
Ayu rule
To celebrate the BEST OF era!
And because the photoshoot is so badass....!

Best of the Best
Hello evurybody ! :D
Lately, I do have recieved the limited box from GACKT's latest releases, wich featured his two new albums with also 6 exclusive pictures from his two latest PVs. I though about sharing them all in the community too, because I think you might enjoy them ! ^_^
If that little thumbnail below appeals you, feel free to click on it and enjoy those lovely pictures ! <3

5th-Jul-2013 05:47 pm - Mild / Wild Limited Box
Gackt - Dishes

Well I spent the money for the box and came to the realization that I'm moving and have no space for big things like fancy packaging.

I've listed the box in eBay if anyone wants the limited box and display.


3rd-Jul-2013 07:43 am - GACKT Graphics
- 40 GACKT Icons
- 01 GACKT Happy B-day Banner

More here @ gothrockrulz.
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